How WordPress Themes Changed The Online Marketing Scene

How WordPress Themes Changed The Online Marketing Scene

Digital marketing has definitely shifted the whole marketing scene. Marketing cannot fit in the traditional sectors such as printed or commercial marketing. With everything going digital, the market behavior and how marketing is done has become even more complex. Most particularly with WordPress themes easily available, online marketing can be done by absolutely anyone now. Here are some ways on how WordPress themes changed the online marketing scene.

Marketing Campaigns

Because of the new WordPress themes, it has become more efficient to create marketing campaigns from scratch. With so many themes that you can choose from, you can pick the right one to fit your campaign. Each kind of theme has its own strengths, features, and weaknesses. Here are just some features that you could look out for to make good marketing campaigns on your WordPress page:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly
  • Clean CSS 3 and HTML 5 codes
  • Flash animation, parallax section, and video background support
  • E-Commerce Functionality
  • Ability to include call-to-action (opt-in and contact forms)
  • Good Interface
  • Menus for convenient site navigation
  • Clean layout styles for testimonials, portfolios, blog posts, landing pages, about us pages, meet the team, and etc.)
  • Analytics page
 All these features allow you to design more efficient marketing campaigns like never before. Since you can implement your marketing campaigns more effectively and efficiently with the new WordPress themes, over 41.7 million new posts are made each month on WordPress alone.

Content Strategy

 With the new WordPress themes, you can make a better content strategy based on the analytics that the theme provides you. With this, you can see how your content is doing and you can evaluate whether it is received well or not.

By comparing the traffic and clicks, you can find out which kinds of content and niches get the most attention from your readers. For those that are received well, you can strategize and create more campaigns that are well-received by your audiences. You can also spot the most used keywords that people use to get to your page.

Access to Mobile-Friendly Sites

 Since most people use their phones for internet activities nowadays, many consumers or viewers can find it frustrating to keep on switching from phone to desktop just to access a website. Before WordPress themes, you needed to create custom website designs with two versions: a mobile-friendly version and a desktop version. This meant that you needed to make two campaigns to make it responsive to both devices.As a result, WordPress themes are now mobile-friendly. Each of the themes is now designed with code so that they can fit both desktop and mobile viewers. Because of this new feature, you can post your online marketing pages without having to create two versions of the same thing. This saves you a lot of time and effort. 

Built-In Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

WordPress themes now have a built-in SEO to help you get the right keywords and rank higher on the results of search engines such as Google Search. Best practices for search engine optimization usually change very frequently. Because of this, SEO features on WordPress themes remain updated. This has changed online marketing because you will be able to optimize your WordPress site at a click of a button. 

Easily Customizable

 With these new themes, you do not need to be an expert coder or a professional IT practitioner to be able to make a WordPress website. The average joe can figure out how to customize themes on their own and tweak the functionalities with ease.By being very easily customizable, WordPress themes allow individuals to do online marketing and e-commerce. If you have something to sell, you can create a WordPress website on your own. Additionally, if you want to produce content about things that you are passionate about, you can also do this through WordPress themes. You can even easily do affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a preferred marketing approach by many because the affiliates do the work in return for commissions, the approach works due to the size of the industry, and it gets around the problem of ad blockers or ad click offs by engaging the viewers to read instead of clicking off on ads.


With the simplification and streamlining that WordPress themes now allow anyone to create websites, content publishing and marketing campaigns are being done like never before. At the same time, you need to keep up with the ever-changing online marketing scene because it is truly a fast-paced industry. Learn the ropes and, with the use of the new WordPress themes, you can create your own online marketing campaigns.
HomeworkforMe 4 years ago
I’m getting lots of search results for “sports research topics” but don’t know which ones I can trust. Any advice?
HomeworkforMe 4 years ago
I’m getting lots of search results for “sports research topics” but don’t know which ones I can trust. Any advice?

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