Trendy Colors For 2020 Websites

Trendy Colors For 2020 Websites

The Amazing Color Opportunities for Web-Design in 2020

The new decade promises to be exciting for web designers. The new colors are trendy, bold, soft, subtle and colorful. The color palette makes an impression before the visitor reads a single word. The color is instrumental in the success or failure of the website. Classic colors and distinct shades are a reflection of the brand, culture, product, or service offered by the website. Some of the most popular trends for 2020 include:

• Glowing neons
• Futuristic colors
• Colors with meanings
• Monochromatic colors
• Dark color schemes
• Unique color palettes

Landscape Colors

Specific colors and palettes are extremely effective for websites specializing in gardens, landscaping, outdoor lighting and lush green lawns. A good example is a classic garden wind spinner. Using contrasting shades of green will draw attention to the beauty of both the garden and the wind spinner. Deep emerald greens bring soft grass and summer breezes to mind. Accents of glowing neon red or purple summon images of roses and tulips.

Unique Photography Businesses

One of the best color schemes for historical, period, or classic movie photography is a monochromatic theme. Whites, blacks and grays can be uniquely combined to portray a specific period in time or a movie star of the 1920s. The colors of any website should make a connection between the visitor and what is being offered. Rich grays with black outlines or sharp white images are a doorway to another place in time.

Modern Technology with Futuristic Appeal

Glowing neons are ideal for websites offering cutting-edge technology such as the internet of things, cell phones, computers, iPads and quirky new devices. The brightness of the colors is a good representation of the future. This is the reason so many video games and anime characters are portrayed with bright, appealing color schemes. Neons are also an excellent choice for any futuristic merchandise derived from science fiction television shows and movies.

The Appeal of Blue Waters

Blue is a sensational color for any business building or maintaining pools, offering bottled water, air conditioning repair and installation, or environmentally friendly websites. There are a staggering number of colors in the blue range. Ice blue represents a sense of coolness easily associated with air conditioners. Everyone wants to sink into soothing aqua blue waters, and bluish-white is a sensational color to entice visitors to drink a bottle of chilled water.

The Sweet Face of a Baby

Soft pastels have been linked to babies for centuries. Websites offering baby clothing and accessories are more appealing when designed using soft pastel blues, pinks, yellows and greens. Vague, floaty images in soft colors emulate sweetness, purity and softness. A good website designer understands the importance of representing the product or service through the use of color.

The Emergence of the Gothic Sector

Gothic products have become huge. Online stores are selling gothic clothing, swords, booths, hats, jewelry and so much more. Nothing says gothic better than a dark color scheme. Dark purple is a powerful color that draws the eye. The combination of black mixed with shades of dark blues, greens and purples sets just the right mood.

Dreaming in Color

The new year is all about dreaming in color. Be bold, be adventurous or be subtle. The best websites provide a sense of softness, intrigue, depth or variety.

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