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As the title says I have alot of zombie processes on my webserver that cannot be killed from my control panel since i choose to use the fotballnet theme and they heavily load the server so everytime i need to call webhosting support in order to restart the apache from their end.
My php version is PHP 5.3 and will be updated in the next few minutes to PHP 5.4.
And also I will update to latest version of wordpress.
My question is that the theme is somehow incompatible with my webhosting configuration.
Thank you.

PS: i'm using the free theme and the only modifications made on that theme were for the visual styles.

Could you clarify whether this issue is only in the FootballNet theme or in others too? And could you clarify the URL of your website?
i have tested only footballnet theme.
Once zombies crwaling in, there's no other way to stop them just restart apache from their end. Something is generating a larger number of processes, i usually have 8-10 processes but since i've started working with the theme i've seen 100 processes making the server to return 503 error on the entire web-hosting server affecting several domains that i host.
Goddady customer support ask me to check the entire code, but i'm not very skilled with php coding so it will take me large amount of time for me to do that. They don't start immediately, but something is trigger them.

my website link: www.chelseafc.ro.

I really enjoy the theme and it's not my wish to stop using it, but giving the circumstances i'm forced to that.

Please, try to install another theme by another theme developer to make sure that this issue is caused by work of our themes and let us know. If this issue is still there, it means that it is not caused by the theme work. In this case, perhaps, this issue is caused by work of your PHP or some third-party plugins you use.
If i switch back to my old theme everything is ok. My old theme was running for 6 years with 48 running plugins and never had a problem . I had to disabled those plugins in order to see if they are causing problems so my old template is kinda messed-up now.
My hunch is that there's a compatibility issue between the theme and the php version or maybe the wordpress version. For the moment everything is ok lets hope it will stay like this.
Hi all again,
I think my problem is solved. The theme doesn't causes any more problems. I'm not sure what was the issue, the PHP ver. or wordpess. After updating PHP to 5.4 ver. and latest wordpress update its all working fine.
Thank you for your help,
I'm glad i can use the theme properly.

Thank you for letting us know about this issue and your solution.

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