Youtube integration fails

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In the WYSIWYG editor, when you enter the YouTube id, all that is shown is

[youtube id="FjkCJjoQyVw"]

<p style="text-align: center;">[youtube id="FjkCJjoQyVw"]</p>

There is no video shown.

Any solution?

Hi! Could you write here in what theme this issue?

Hi! Does this problem appears in inner pages or only in the loop?

The problem appears in inner pages.
What do you mean in the loop?

Also the integration of <iframe> (provided by YouTube doesn't work).

Could you write here an URL of the page with this issue?

It appears you don't get it to see in the 'Posts' listing, but it does in the post itself.
Is it possible to show it in the Post-preview?

At this moment new version of ForRealty is available. This version supports video and other html code in a post preview. You can download it from the page

If I install this update, will everything I set before will be lost?

If you have changes in files of the theme - they will be lost. All your posts and configurations in dashboard will be saved.

Ok thanks!

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