WP 3.5 broke most of functionality

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I'm using Perfume theme, and absolutely love it. However, the latest WordPress 3.5 upgrade has apparently broken most of the vital functionality of it. For example, I cannot move any widgets (adding them via accessibility mode works), I cannot create links to posts (bold etc work), I cannot enter html-mode in posts and I cannot add media to posts because the button doesn't react (can add them via Featured Image, and then edit within the post, but that's not good). So all in all, I cannot do that much.

It's not a matter of plug-ins, as even after disabling them all this issue doesn't go away, and on my other 5 blogs with the same plugins (different themes) I don't have this issue. I've tried with latest Chrome and Safari, and both fail to function correctly, so I guess it's not browser issue either.

Any ideas?
Okay, maybe I was bit hasty - I got it fixed!

If anyone else has the same issue, then add the following code:
define('CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS', false );

to your wp-config.php, just above:
require_once(ABSPATH . 'wp-settings.php');

The line was last one for me, so add the new one as second to last, save and it works!
that worked for me. Thanks!

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