WordPress 55 Update Broke All SM Themes

Latest Reply from verbis at 2020-10-26 14:40:07
I get the following error on all my paid SM Themes

wp-content/themes/grunger/js/admin.js: jQuery.fn.live() is deprecated
This is a mood. ^_^

The Enable jQuery Migrate Helper helps put the functionality back in place as a temporary solution, but will throw errors on the admin dashboard. Won't throw errors on the readers side, which is good.

From what I understand, the new 5.5 update broke themes and plugins everywhere. Like you, I'm still waiting for a statement from the team here about updates as I have several client sites using SM Themes.
Ничего не работает ни в одной теме!
I also have an issue with the new Wordpress update. The drop down menu on my theme "Control PC" stopped functioning with the latest Wordpress update I believe. The jQuery Migrate helper got it working again, but I know this is a temporary fix, so I'm waiting an update on the theme.
I also have this issue "Wheelspoke" template
Is there any update on this? My website PHP is completely broken after the update. This is even with the Enable jQuery Migrate Helper installed. SMthemes seems to be completely silent on the subject matter.
they left us alone :(
I'm guessing they are working on it. They told me that the rocketfish.js file is the issue. It was supposed to be fixed in my theme, but the fix was the same as the original (so I think), so it did nothing. Hope they can resolve these issues soon.
I think they should confirm that they are working on this - and not just to be silent.When being just silent, it usually means nobody's working with the problem.
Several themes have now updated versions available. If you don't want to overwrite all old (possible edited) files, you just need to replace old versions of the following - folders: inc/windows, inc/widgets, and js + inc/administrator.php -file
I´m using sporting theme and it is also broken since latest wordpress update. What can I do?

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