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MetroBlog theme was work get with
All-in-One Event Calendar by Timely by Timely Network Inc version 1.10.9-standard, and
WooCommerce by WooThemes version 2.0.20
on wordpress 3.8

But now after updating to wordpress 3.8.1
The main calendar just has a updating circle in centre trying to find the information?
The WooCommerce does not show the "Enable site-wide store notice text" any more?

I changed the theme to Twenty Thirteen, and every think is working again.

I like the look of MetroBlog, and would still to keep using this theme can you help

Sorry the site is


I can't find Calender on your website, but all the default widgets of WordPress work with our themes. Besides, I've tested MetroPress right now. It works fine. Could you clarify the issue?
Hi Alice

Thanks, the Calender is on the website at http://safeact.com.au/calendar/
If I go to one of the events it works O.K. http://safeact.com.au/ai1ec_event/hsr-approved-training-3/?instance_id=

It is just the Calender main page that has the circle going around (Thinking)

When I change the theme to Twenty Thirteen, and every thing is working again

Also WooCommerce has a store notice enable to the site
(Store Notice Store Notice Enable site-wide
Store Notice Text "This is a demo store for testing purposes — no orders shall be fulfilled.")
This function is not work
These both problem are not working with wordpress 3.8.1 but were with wordpress 3.8
And both work with the Twenty Thirteen theme and workpress 3.8.1

Hope this with give you some idea?


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