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Latest Reply from qnkov at 2019-01-11 17:41:28
Hello. Is there a way to make my site wider when you open it from bigger monitor? Talking about Animepress theme. When i'm using my laptop, 15.6, everything looks fine, but when i open it with my PC, with big monitor, it looks small and ugly.


Check picture. Is there any solution for this?
Any help? Can i make the site looks a bit bigger? Extented? Thanks.

Please, hire a developer to change the default theme view. We don't provide any services for editing theme for individual users.
Thanks for you answer. I was thinking about, if the theme has some height-width set somewhere and i can custon increase it to make it a bit bigger..
I'm ok to pay some little cash if you can extend my animepress version a bit. I will send you my theme and you will make the changes that will make it bigger.

Unfortunately, we don't provide such kind of services. Perhaps, you need to find some freelancer for this work.
Alice, if i give $28.95 one-time fee ...
Does that means i can download bigger animepress theme? Extended version, not that small?
Or only i can remove your link in footer, my theme would be the same size?

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