Widening Centering Quotes

Latest Reply from Grace at 2016-08-16 02:45:40
Block quotes are awful. They are incredibly narrow and left justifies.

How do you widen them and center them?

Thank you.


Could you clarify the URL of your website and a theme name?
Theme: Naomehit

I will not activate it on my site with the way it is currently looking.

Here is a screen capture of a preview showing the problem.

The block quote needs to be widened and centered instead of left-justified.

I've have tried 4of your themes and the block quotes all look the same. It looks awful and it is a deal breaker to using the theme.

It is not clear why the image did not load. Here it is.



Sorry for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, Naomehit is not our theme and we are not allowed to provide support services for it. Contact the theme developer to solve this issue.

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