Where does the sidebar disappear to on mobile

Latest Reply from Dave at 2016-10-17 05:55:30
Hello there, I am a little new to this. I just downloaded Sominine 2.4.3 and I just love it! I'm still playing with it, but the only thing I'm confused about is where does the sidebar go?

I see i lost all my widgets from my old theme, and I am putting them back one by one... that's ok it's a good time to do housecleaning anyway.... but I still don't see the widgets on the phone version? is it not possible to have the widgets on the mobile versions? Even if they were at the bottom?
I also notice that the social profiles widget has twitter and google plus but no instagram? Is there an upgrade/update I should be aware of? I would like to finish customizing and buy this theme, and maybe some others as well!
Unfortunately, widgets are always hidden in the mobile mode. However, the latest themes launched since February, 2016 are a bit different. They all have version 3.0.1 right now. They show sidebar widget under the content part in the mobile mode.

As for Social Profiles widget - there is an option to add your own profile (Istagram or any other). Just Click Add New Profile and fill in the fields.

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