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Latest Reply from Alice at 2018-04-09 01:41:13
Hello. I'm the C.E.O. of Golden Vipers multi-gaming eSports club and I am here regarding a problem with the stylesheet. I need to recover it, I don't know what did happen but it prevents me to put a custom top menu font. I just forgot my brother's account here on being able to re-download the entire premium GeGame theme files. Here is my proof: - I am sure 100% that I own a GeGame theme. Thanks!

Style.css file is the same for both free or paid version of the theme. So you may just download a free version and get this file from it. However, you may always reset your password on the page: We have replied to you via email where specified your login.
Hello Mr. Dave. I see no Style.css file in the GeGame theme files. Can you help me with it, please?


Style.css file is located inside the wp-content/themes/gegame/ folder on your server.
Then my next question is why I see the error that Style.css file is missing when it is clear that Style.css file is located inside the wp-content/themes/gegame ?

Where do you see this error?

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