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I'm having a problem trying to remove the Categories menu from my site. I can get a bar above the slider with the various pages, but then it also shows the categories, and much more bold than the proper menu. I've tried to remove what I thought it was in the top.php page but then all I get is a blank white page so I undid my edits.

Also, how do I change the order of the pages in the menu bar? I want Home to be first, but its going in alphabetical order at the moment.

Any help will be greatly appreciated


Sincerely your information is not enough at all to make a solution for your problem.

you should tell forum's visitors your URL and your Theme name.
Categories ? what Categories ? Please insert an image at minimum to describe your mean ! :D
Menu bar ? Which menu ? :D
there are two menu:
1. Main Menu ( usually the menu, top of slider )
2. Secondary Menu ( usually the topmost menu )

really it confused me a little :P
I imagine an image of what you said, but it's better you make me fully understand what you wanna do.

I'm always here for answer. please give me more information, so i can help you with best solution.

Have fun!

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