W3Total Cache plugin and SMThemes menu and Contact Form issue

Latest Reply from Dave at 2014-11-21 05:31:53
Today I found out that disbling Wordpress plugin W3Total Cache solves the problem with the normal pc menu showing up on mobile devices instead of the mobile menu.
(The complete menu folds out and shows up as a big blue square on the page with all menu items viewable. When using many submenus this is pushing the slider lower on the page).
On PC or laptop menu always shows correct.

It also seems to solve the problem I had with having to send the SMThemes Contact Form twice before receiving confirmation a message was sent.

W3Total cache really speeds up my wordpress site, and I'd like to use it together with SM Themes.
What can I do to use W3TC togethether with SM Themes and show the correct menu's on mobile devices and also use the contact form correctly?

Regards, hope to hear from you. My site runs on http://www.amk-essen.be
I've tested this plugin with Vaccination right now and it is fully compatible with the theme - I don't have any problem.
I'm using fresh WP4.0 install with Vaccination theme, dated Oct 14th, 2014.

Did you really try to send the contact form? I tried for a very long time to get it working in which I didn't succeed.
Only with W3Total Cache plugin disabled I got it to work correctly.

What else could be the problem if the form has to be submitted twice before a message gets send? I've seen many issues about sending the form twice, but nothing solves the problem.
I've just tried to send you a test message and it worked. I got the reply "Uw bericht is verzonden!". Besides, if you still didn't get a message - try to check up your spam folder.

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