Visual Form builder Not Working in Most themes

Latest Reply from Alice at 2013-08-20 01:13:29

Can get visual form builder premium payment feature to work in any theme.
Unfortunately, our themes don't have such kind of visual builder.
He's actually saying that the "Visual Form Builder" Pro Payment feature of that plugin does not work in any of your themes.

That in fact seems to be a common issue. Adding anything to these themes and things don't work as they should. Just as an example, I just installed this theme again and tried to get SLIDERS to work on it again.

I couldn't get ANY to work.... I was putting their code in the header.php as required, in the obvious seeming place. I tried ever which way and place to put that code in the header, and still it wouldn't show.

Finally, I starting doing crazy things.... I'd delete parts of the header code (in this case I deleted the two "slider" words in one code part), and then I added the slider code TO part of that same existing code line, and then posted their code again just below in their container class div.

It finally started working.... I could now show sliders on the home page, by adding the code TWICE to the header.php, once into part of the slider, homepage,innerpage code, and another just below that in the div.

I mean, what the heck is that...? I now remember why I stopped using this theme last year, because any extending plugins I added to it they wouldn't work right, and I eventually gave up. So, I don't know what kind of coding, or what might be missing from the code, but only poorly coded non-modern themes have I EVER had such problems as these.
BTW, just wanted to point out that I love this theme, and a couple of others, and I specifically want to buy this theme, I was happy it seemed to be kept updated, and is responsive, just what I needed, but encountering this again, I don't know now....

I mean, why in the world would a person have to add code INTO an existing code line, and then add it separate as should be the case in the first place, and possible delete part of the code. Honestly, can't remember if deleting and adding twice was necessary, but I think it was.

Any plugin in the world, you put the code, and it works, but not this theme. :(
Could you give us the URL of your website. We can try to help you. Please, clarify your issue.

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