Visual Editor and Galleries Disabled

Latest Reply from Abe Solomon at 2013-10-12 10:45:17
Hi all,

We've been using GameZone for our organization's website and overall we love it, but we have had one issue - we're unable to access the 'Visual' tab in the Post/Page Editors.

While this is not a huge issue (I can figure out the HTML for most things we want to do on the site), it doesn't exactly make it friendly for our less tech-friendly staff, and I'd like to re-enable it. Does anyone have any ideas? I tried some of the advice I found online (such as <a href=""this post</a>) but no luck.

Also facing a (possibly related?) issue with Galleries. I can create a gallery, but then after clicking 'Insert Gallery', nothing happens. It does not insert into the post or, seemingly, go anywhere.

I would love to hear people's thoughts or ideas on how to deal with this! Thanks so much.

PoCo Youth Services
I have the same problem, the visual editor is not working at all on pages or blog. Please advise ASAP Please!!!!
I just wanted to add that I have 3.6.1 version

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