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Please, I,d like see the slides in the front page ( totally ) in vertical position ( 600x900 px )in the PC, in smarfhone and tablets it´s Ok

In the PC , the window for slides it´s in horizontal position, How can I change it a vertical position ?

That is very important for my site page :

Can you help me and solve that problem ?


Pedro Fernandez
You can do it by editing file "style.css". You need to replace the code:
.fp-slides,.fp-thumbnail,.fp-slides-items  {

.fp-slides,.fp-thumbnail,.fp-slides-items  {
height: 900px;
width: 600px;

Also I recommend you to change the font-size of your logo text. To do this you have to edit file "index.css" located in folder "css". Please, replace:
font-size: 21px;

on the 10th line with:
font-size: 20px;

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