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At www[dot]leidapieters[dot]nl I'm using this template. From the very beginning we find this site to load so slowly. Interestingly, on the same webserver there's a package of Magento running as webshop (click the webshop butotn in the top) that loads much faster. I would think it's heavier.

Now it's not only me, but even friends admiring this site are reporting me they believe it loads very slow.

What is making that to happen?

Thank you!

Speeding up the website is a complex problem. There are usually some common factors which are most probably contributing to the lack of load speed of your site:
1) Lots of Poorly Coded Plugins
2) Your hosting provider
3) You Aren't Page Caching
and so on.
Magento and WordPress are completely different Content Management Systems. We are not able compare them.
Thanks Dave,

I guess what you;re saying is, it's anythings fault expect ours :)

The hoster is me, I'm running several different WP packages on the same server and not experience the same thing. The servers are fast and runs on ssd's.

About the plug ins. It could be, but I'm pretty sure I noticed this behavior in the very beginning already.

I'm trying a caching plug in, but at first sight it doesn't seem to do much.

I thought it maybe had to do with the response-part where it decides layout depending on device/browser...but I guess you would have told me. Thanks so far, if I find something I'll let you know.

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