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Reviewing my my template by the tool: http: //, I realized that the pages home, the title of the blog is with H1, will bad (Front Page Title) "Spiritualism Christian Transcendental", gets the H3, and the ideal would be that she had H2, that SEO is a very serious problem taken into account by GOOGLE.

On the page of the post; The title of the site appears with H1, and the ideal would he not aperecer, but only the title of the post with the H1 and other hieraquias descrencente as already!

Voceis could me sujestionar some changes to the template, to the right (HEADING TAGS)

Sorry, but we provide a support only in English. Some of words from your message are not written in English. That makes difficult to understand you. Anyways, you can change html tags for the content part in theloop.php located in the directory of the theme.
excuse me

1 - Reviewing my heading tags of my template by the tool: (http: //

I noticed that on the page "home" the blog title is correct with TAG H1, most lack the TAG H2, and this is bad for SEO.


Question: Are you adding the "Site description" with this TAG H2, which is missing, for padding the gap?

2 - In the post page: Link:

There are two titles with H1; - The title of the blog and the post title, and ideally only the title of the post, with its decreasing hierarchies as it is already. Note: This page is with the template configuration option (Show slider on inner pages) disabled, so the slade of the title tags do not appear in extrutura!

Question: Its leave the individual pages as H1 in Titles only the posts only!

- Note: The BLOGGER templates usually are with these disorganized extruturas, so you need to move the code, such as in the analysis of these two pages from my other blog:

- The HEADING TAGS are corrected, and the lack of TAGS in WIDGETS, is because in SEO, the WIDGETS TITLES not of paramount importance.

Still thank you !!!!
1) No, we use the description meta tags for the dedscription, no h1 or h2 tags.

2) I can't see the page - the link is broken. Could you clarify the issue, please.
Excuse me again, the tool link to analize the header tags is:

- Put the link of my "home" and see the lack of TAG (H2)!

Note: Is there any way to get the DESCRIPTION OF THE SITE with this tag?
I'm not sure that the service you use is credible enough. It says that "<h1> Missing Heading", but it is on the page - look at the source code of your page.
You can add the h2 tag by yourself when entering the post with the use of tinymce editor or you can change the header.php file according to your needs.

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