Urgent - Credits Still shown on activetedpaid theme

Latest Reply from Support Team at 2015-02-27 06:59:07
I've buy the BonAppetit theme on your site and I've actived it, and the credits are dissapeared.
Well, then I've modified the library.php file included in the theme (a simple change on a "Read more" tag) and guess what? the credits re-appeared in the footer. I've also upload a backupped version of this file but nothig changed.
you can see it http://www.lafattoriadipavia.it/2015/
I'm so dissapointed...
Hope you help me to fix this quickly.

If you have any problems with activation, please contact us via support@smthemes.com. In most of cases we need personal information, order numbers and activation keys to help with activation. Activation problems will not be solved via forum.

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