Uploaded the theme Journalism to my blog, but the theme review is just a blank page

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I bought and downloaded the theme "Journalism", I unzipped it and uploaded the folder "journalism" to my /wp-content/wp-themes/

When I want to preview the theme journalsim from the wp-admin menu, all I get is a blank page, if I set the team the whole blog becomes a blank page.

I think it's something in the functions.php file, if I delete it the theme still doesn't work but at least I see the preview menu. It's not bout ftp permissions eider, I set all files to 777, no luck, then I set all the folders to 755 and all the files of the theme to 644.

Probably some of functions needed for correct theme work are disabled on your host. Please turn on WP_DEBUG option in the wp-config.php file to get more information about error.

I activated WP_DEBUG, and this is what I get:

Notice: Undefined variable: USE_DIF_BTNS in /home/rhar0174/public_html/wp-content/themes/journalism/inc/settings.php on line 789

Notice: Undefined index: reset in /home/rhar0174/public_html/wp-content/themes/journalism/inc/library.php on line 14

Notice: Undefined index: reset in /home/rhar0174/public_html/wp-content/themes/journalism/inc/library.php on line 14

Notice: Undefined index: option in /home/rhar0174/public_html/wp-content/themes/journalism/inc/library.php on line 15
Please, I need to finish my blog urgently.

I cannot change functions on my host, it is a payed web hosting: http://romarg.ro/

How can I make my theme run?
Here is my PHP INFO, maybe it helps you see why the theme is blank:

Hi, please contact us via support@smthemes.com to solve this.

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