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Latest Reply from Dave at 2018-04-04 02:17:24
Is there any way to (easily) change the mobile menu system? The two drop box method is quite antiquated. We really like this specific theme, but it's a bit difficult to navigate on mobile devices and with more and more of our potential clients accessing our site from their phones and tablets, mobile navigation is a major importance.

Another of your themes (AutoPortal) has the kind of menu system that would be ideal.

Any guidance would be fantastic!



Unfortunately, we can't modify the mobile menu system for you. But as you mentioned the latest themes have improved mobile version. However, the structure has been completely changed so I can't give you an instruction on how just to switch to another mobile version.
Unfortunately, in this case you may try to find the more suitable theme from our catelogue or find some plugin for mobile menu - there are a lot of them.

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