Unwanted double menu!

Latest Reply from Poltergeist at 2012-11-28 16:19:37

First, I want tell - My english is not better, because I'm from Poland.

I have a big problem. When I add new site (eg http://thesimstimes.cba.pl/index.php/nasza-idea-2/) this site and link appears below the top of the main menu.

Image: http://i.imgur.com/2CMNU.png

This is very ugly, and I do not want this.

How I can delete this links, without delete sites?

Please give us a link to your website.
Okay. http://thesimstimes.cba.pl.

Thank you for your willingness, but a colleague helped me with the problem. :)

Main menu in the top, and add a section to the "Main Menu" in "positions of motives" an I add new menu "top" and I add this in section "Top Menu".

That is it! Now, do not display my links page under the menu and the menu. :)

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