Uncaught TypeError Cannot read property top of undefined dpaginationjs

Latest Reply from Salty Dog at 2015-07-18 16:56:33 Solution
I am getting a...
"Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'top' of undefined"
error pointing to dpagination.js.

I am using google chrome.

Url... https://deep-sea-fishing-charters.saltwater-fishing-charters.com/

I just purchased this theme if that has any relevance.

Thanks in advance

Unfortunately, I can't inspect the page on your website and check the error console. However, the problem you have is probably caused by one of your third-party plugins. Please, try to disable your plugins one by one to detect the problem. If I test the original theme there is no errors in console.
Sorry but that is not the answer i was looking for. Maybe if i rephrase my question... How do i disable "dpagination.js" and/or completely remove the useless javascript from the theme? I think that is a much simpler solution to the problem that removing all of plugins don't you think? I mean after all i am looking to remove the problem creating the error, not remove all the plugins that are functioning fine and dandy.
Furthermore you can inspect the the page on my website and check the error console if you knew how. What browser are you using? Every browser has a menu that allows you to access the builtin developer tools. You are most likely trying to inspect them by using the crtl or cmd keys. I have those shortcut keys and right click menu's disabled. You will need to access the browser menu to gain access to those specific tools. For example if you are using Chrome, in the top right of the browser has a icon that contains three horizontal lines... Click on that icon and the browser menu will drop down with options... hover over the "more tools" and you will see another slide out menu that contains the link to open developer tools you may inspect. If you are using firefox the process is the same with firebug. If you need more help in this area please don't hesitate to ask. Now this is weird... Me teaching technical support to technical support. LOL Anyhow we will figure it out.
I think i fixed it on my own...

For anyone else with this problem just disable or turn off "Load posts dynamically". This setting is located in the "Garage" menu, under the "Layout" sub menu settings.

Don't waste your time disabling all your plugins. Eliminate the problem!

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