Two Contact Us Pages?

Latest Reply from 3rdtimelucky at 2013-01-03 04:48:52
I'm wondering if the dev's can help me with the following, or if someone in the community can help? I've been setting up my new webpage which I plan on purchasing in the coming weeks (once it's been finalised and I have it the way I like it). I have just one problem, using the Contact Us template on a mobile phone cuts half the template off (and doesn't allow for horizontal scrolling). This is currently the only thing I have wrong with the template. Is there any way that you can either have multiple contact us forms or some sort of code that allows me to display an alternate page when it detects a mobile device?

Thanks for the great themes.

Oh also while I am at it, there is a bar on the left that lets you scroll to the top of the page if you click on it. I swear I've disabled this before but am now unable to find I missing something?

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