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I'd like to make the column backgrounds transparent or semi-transparent. How can I do this?

I really like the blue sky/cloud background and I'd like to see that instead of the big white boxes for the 3 columns.

To make these changes you have to edit wide.css, index.css and style.css. Particularly, you have to remove the background property of
.content-r #content .container 
in the file wide.css and add the following background:
background: url(../images/content/main-r.png) left top repeat-y;
for the element #main_content in the file index.css.
Afterwards you have to set the needed background for the elements:
.content-r .sidebar.right, .content-lr .sidebar.right, .content-r2 .sidebar.left, .content-r2 .sidebar.right 
in style.css.
Good luck!
Thanks, that worked, at least 2/3 of it.

I'm using 3 columns, that did it for left and right, how do I get center?

And also, what if I want to keep a semi-transparent white, like the middle of the page, on the 3 columns. Not fill white, just about a 20% white to allow the links to pop?

And finally, while trying to figure it all out I read that all changes should be made with a child page. I have the child theme set up, how would I put these changes into a child?

Thanks for your help, I never would have found this muddling through one change at a time.
Could you give us the URL of your web site, please.
The transparence of your background depends on your image. You have to use an image editing program to fix this.
It is still early in development but it's at

I'm using the stock template so far (other than modifying the column widths), all I want is for the white background of the 3 columns to be partially transparent but still have the columns identifiable.

Hopefully the pictures explain better than I am doing.

Second screenshot:

I'm looking to make it look like the second screenshot, only the columns lighter instead of darker. And all 3 columns, not just the 2 outside,
You can simply add:
background: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.5);

after the lines:
/*------------------------------ WIDGETS AND SLIDER ------------------------------*/
.content-r .sidebar.right, .content-lr .sidebar.right, .content-r2 .sidebar.left, .content-r2 .sidebar.right {

.content-l .sidebar.left, .content-lr .sidebar.left, .content-l2 .sidebar.left, .content-l2 .sidebar.right{
thanks, is that instead of the first instructions or in addition to?
To change this you have to follow all the instructions I gave you.
Where can I find the wide.css and index.css?

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