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Latest Reply from Dave at 2016-10-24 06:40:25
Hi, I'm using this theme and I have no problem with it but one. Would it be possible in it to use diactrical marks like for example Polish ł or ą ę. Or if I buy a premium version would it be possible? I'm from Poland and this theme really fits my needs but it would be nice to translate buttons and other texts with using letters from my language. Thanks in advance
The only difference between free version and paid is that you can use free version with our links in your footer. You can use it for unlimited time with unlimited number of domains. If you want to remove links you have to purchase a theme.
There is CinemaLounge --> Translation option in the dashboard of your website where you can change different entries including 'Read more' text for buttons.
Please, try to customize the theme according to your needs. Some fonts support only latin characters. If there are some problems with polish language you may change font by yourself editing the theme files. It is not hard to do, we may give you some tips on how to do this.

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