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Latest Reply from Alice at 2018-08-22 05:25:39
Hello there.

I own a GeGame pro theme from you as SMThemes. I want to know if there is any tip and trick regarding the gaming website, especially at the top line in our case top grey line. I want to take the next step to make it much more professional website to be recognisable easier. I want to know if I am able to put sponsored emblems/logos there. We have at the bottom of site few areas where we can share logos, we have a "sponsors" page as well but we want more just in case if we will get much more sponsors and/or partners (future ones), maybe future collaborations with other brands.

Thank you very much!

King Regards,
Andrei Macovei

Of course, you may add some other elements to the top or bottom of your website. But all these changes will require coding so you will need a web developer to add these settings.

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