top-npng and bottom-npng missing

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Using mobile devices and Vaccination theme, tablet.css and mobile.css load top-n.png and bottom-n.png, but these are not included in de theme. Path called is /vaccination/images/

Are these necessary? If so, where can I get these missing files?

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Correction: path called is vaccination/images/content/
Have you fixed the problem? As I can see there is no problem with these images on your website. However, there are some problems with:
Open your show log.
Thanks, I noticed the errors you mentioned before, but have yet to figure out what's wrong. Possibly caused by using Medical theme before using Vaccination theme. Somehow the url is saved.

I didn't fix the other pictures top-n.png and bottom-n.png yet.
As I said im my question, they're only called using tablets and mobiles and I can't find the pictures in any of your themes I downloaded.
Fixed it. By the way, it's a known issues with other themes, too.

I removed the lines calling top-n.png and bottom-n.png from tablet.css and mobile.css in /css folder.

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