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Latest Reply from Alice at 2016-03-03 06:55:19 Solution
I bought the theme a while ago and I never receive any update notifications. I see on line that you have a newer version than what I have but I am not sure how to update my current version. Again, I paid for it so I am afraid that if I download and install the new version I will lose my paid copy.
Unfortunately, there is no automatic update system. However, your license for the theme is a lifelong license for the theme. You may use activate the theme as much times as you need. Just reinstall the theme and enter the activation code on page RetroPress --> Theme Activation once again.
How do I find my activation code. I bought it a long time ago.
I found how to get the new code. I reinstalled my theme but when I use the activation code it never accepts it, it just thinks eternally.
We have sent you a solution via email. Please, check up your mail box.

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