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Latest Reply from Matt at 2014-02-10 09:20:36 Solution
Hello, there's a bug in the computers-theme.
The purchased version and the free versions are missing files according to debugging.

in images/content/top-n.png

Would be nice to hear where to fix it, so I don't have to override all my files:-)

Thanks in advance!
sorry, it's not solved, but can't undo the solution-tag.
I have detected the same problem (business theme)
There is any solution for this?
These errors makes webpage take more time to load.

Thanks in advance.
We have already fixed this. Please, download the theme and replace the file style.css and the folder css located in the directory of the theme.
Hi Dave, thanks for your answer.
I dit it, but is still having the trouble.
(I can see it with

┬┐Can you help me?

Please answer and fix this!!
We have supported you purchasing the theme, please support us too!
This issue was fixed in the theme Business too. You can download latest version of the theme from You can replace only files css/mobile.css and css/tablet.css to get fixes.

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