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I have an intake form that won't work without being logged into the Wordpress site (which only an administrator can do). I was told by the plugin developer that I need to allow access to the admin-ajax.php file, otherwise there is no way to do ajax calls which many plugins require. The issue is specific to this Beauty Secrets theme as it works for other people and their chosen theme. I presume I need to add a line of code to admin-ajax.php? If so, do you know what it might be?

This file is provided by WordPress. It is located inside wp-admin folder. You would better find a solution on the official forum of WordPress.
Hi Alice,

Thank you for your response. I've looked into this matter further and it would seem that any form I add has a conflict with your theme. It won't appear properly until you hit refresh. You can see here what I'm referring to:

I found elsewhere, a user stating that their theme needed all background animations disabled in order to allow the intake form to work properly. Could BeautySecrets have a similar issue? If so, where would I go and how would I disable the 'extras'?

The forms work perfectly when I change the theme, which I would like to avoid since hours where put into making this one work for our needs and it looks a lot nicer.
I forgot to ask this. Does the BeautySecrets theme have the latest jQuery? If it doesn't have this update, that will create issues...
We use the 1.7.2 version of jquery. This is not the latest one.

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