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Latest Reply from Alice at 2014-06-18 03:40:45

I need help!
I use - paid - the theme BizPress. Since then I to this
Theme've changed, all of the headings are in my articles
permanently linked here with this page:

Which of course is not wanted!

If I switch to the WordPress Theme Twenty Fourteen, is
this link immediately away; So it is clearly the theme

How can I stop that, please?
It's about my website:
Probably, this is caused by the work of your third-party plugins. Please, try to disable your plugins one by one to detect the problem.
Hi Alice,
how can it be due to a plugin if these links NOT! occurs when I use the Theme of WordPress "Twenty Fourteen"? The wrong title-linking is now away at Twenty Fourteen and when I return to the theme BizPress use the link right back. So it is yet to BizPress?

I do not know if the Google translator translates my problem here really, sorry
It can be due to the compatibility issues. Basic themes are too simple. It usually doesn't conflict with plugins. Probably, one of your plugins is not compatible with the theme.

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