Theme admin function not working after upgrading to Wordpress 381

Latest Reply from Dave at 2014-03-14 03:27:55

After I upgraded to Wordpress 3.8.1, I can't use edit any content under Artdevil tab. For instance, when I select Artdevil> General, I can't save the information that I edited on 'Title'. There's no response from the 'tick' button no matter how many times I click it.

I can't upload banner to slider as well. When I click 'Upload', there's no response.

Please help.

Thank you.
Could you give us the URL of your website, please. When did you download the theme? Which version of WP did you have before update?
Hi Dave,

My site is

I downloaded the theme somewhere 2nd quarter last year. I was using WP3.8. Everything was fine until I upgraded to 3.8.1.
I did a screen recording.
Please find the file on

Thank you.

Please advise what can be done to resolve the problem.

Thank you.

Here's the new link.
What version of WordPress did you have before the upgrade?
What version of the theme do you use?
When did you download the theme?
I was using Wordpress 3.8.
I couldn't remember which version of the theme I used. But it should be the latest one.

I tried to reinstall the theme (I even downloaded the latest theme), but the same problems occur.

On my mobile site, I can't see the top menu. It's all black, yet when I click on 'Comment' Tab area, it's working.

When I create new post, after I save it, and refresh the page, I can't see my content. The font color all turn to white. I have to select the text then I can see it.
Please, try to open JavaScript Console that provides place to log diagnostic information using methods provided by the Console API, such as console.log(), or console.profile(). The way of opening this console depends on your browser, but each browser supports this function.

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