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I am noticing that some of the plugins I install does not work and seems to have a javascript conflict. Looks like the conflict is coming from the main menu's drop down feature. The two plugins that I am noticing is the Events Manager plugin Version 5.2.5 | By Marcus Sykes if you go to my website the field to seach that say between and, the date picket should popup. Works without this theme. Could it be a possible version problem when Javascript is called?

it aslo has problems with the wordpress plugin from BWS Gallery Plugin.

It repeats the post and does not display the pcitures. It does in other themes.

Try to remove string

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

from the /inc/library.php file of the theme.

I did that and it does not work...

Can you please help me resolve why your theme has a conflict with the date pickers in the event managers plugin. This is not the only conflict, but the one I need to be resolved. I did purchase this.

Plugin is event manager
Version 5.2.6 | By Marcus Sykes | Visit plugin site -

the pages with the date pickers are

The string

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

is still on your pages. You need to remove this from the inc/library.php

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