Theme does not work perfect !!!

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on home page, the article not showing the images why ?!

Hi, there!
By default theme settings enabled option "Cut content in the feed". This option truncates the text to the length specified in the field "Length of content in the feed" and removes html tags. If you want to use html in the feed torn this option off and replace string
if (!$maxchar)$allow_tags.="< a >";
with string
if (!$maxchar)$allow_tags.="< a ><img>";
in functions.php file at 244 line.

I am also having this problem. I would like to cut content in the feed but show that small preview image like it's shown on the demo page. Is there a way to show a small image preview with the content? I know that once someone clicks on the article everything shows up normally.

Secondly, is there a way to change the font when creating new posts?

Sorry these are newbie questions but I'm just getting started in the blogging realm. Thank you.


At this moment new version of AutoZone is available. In new version of the template a content cuted, considering a html tags.

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