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I download the BonAppetit version, and use FTP into the theme folder.

But when I click "Preview", it is totally blank.
If I click "activiate" it will shows blank as well, and later I have to fix my wordpress because it will crash.

Any solution or is this because I did not pay for the $14 to buy the full package?


Hi, Steven !
Try to add into your .htaccess file strings

php_value error_reporting 15
php_flag display_errors On

with it your server will show the message with reason of error. Please paste this message here and we will try to resolve it. Anyway all of our themes can be used without purchasing

I too have downloaded 2-3 free themes now and it seems that every theme probably does this. I don't think it's reasonable to ask people to adjust or mess with .htaccess files either to find the error. This is something you should be trouble shooting yourself. Especially if the issue extends beyond two users.

We have regular Wordpress installations and these are supposedly regular wordpress themes. What would happen if we'd purchased a theme and were unable to understand your request? It's not ok to just expect people to trouble shoot why your theme sare not working and I am extremely glad I havn't purchased.

There are obviously files missing in the theme. Otherwise they would work.

This is not the first time we are confronted with this. Correct theme working depends not only on WordPress, it's also host configuration, apache configurations, files permissions and much more that not regular, but individually. Sometime as result of such situations we realy change our framework for more compatibility. We thank all our customers who understand it and actually help us to make our products better.

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