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good, first of all excuse my English I speak Spanish jajaj, download the Theme of Arboretum, upload the theme when I give a preview or activate everything goes blank, do not see anything, and try what you have said here to put within. htaccess the strings
php_value error_reporting 15
php_flag display_errors On

and what it does is I can not see it get an error web server Internal

I can do??? other active theme and these are no problem

First of all check your php and WordPress versions. Wordpress must be at least 3.3.1 and PHP version 5.2.4 or greater.

Also theme archive or files might be corrupted during downloading from our site, or downloading to your web server. In this case reupload files will solve your problem.

ok my PHP is version 5.2.17 and I have version 3.4.1 Wp, download the theme again and it went up by Arboretum FTP and the problem continues!!
Now what????

bye FTP, Sorry

could you write here your domain url?

Sir, I downloaded 3 themes from here and none I can see, they are all white, or activating or giving preview Themes you can see, I sent the URL of mine who asked me yet says nothing
Because I can not see anything?

Themes: Arboretum, MovieStar and DiabloFun

Most likely reason is some functions, that are required for proper theme working, are denied by your hoster. You can check it by turning on debug of the php at your hosting.

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