The secondary top menu above the logo does not work

Latest Reply from Administrator at 2012-09-17 03:13:40

I recently just purchased this theme and notice that when I go into the settings of the onion theme and declare a menu that background of the top menu above the logo does not display the background. If I leave it to default to all the top level pages it works. Any help?

Thank you for the message. You can download archive with fixed theme from our site or replace code

<div id='secondarymenu'><?php
'menu_class'=>'menus menu-top',


<div id='secondarymenu'>
<?php wp_nav_menu('depth=0&theme_location=sec-menu&container_class=menu-topmenu-container&menu_class=menus menu-topmenu&fallback_cb=block_sec_menu');

in the file functions.php of the theme.

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