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Latest Reply from ale_evn at 2012-10-11 09:35:54

I'm having problems with the slider text box.
My site is http://mundonfl.hostzi.com/

The text in the textbox (that piece of the post) is not showing correctly - there is a piece missing, including the "Read more" button.

How do I fix this? Is there a way to increase the text area height? Or how do I set the number of lines/words on that box for two lines, for example?



You can increase height of the text box by editing option height in sections .fp-content-fon and .fp-content in the file css/index.css of the theme.

Thanks for the info, but there is no height option in these sections.
It's like this:

.fp-content-fon {
bottom: 20px;
right: 570px;
left: -2px;
background: #444;
border:1px solid #fff;

.fp-content {
bottom: 20px;
right: 570px;
left: 0px;

Thanks in advance!!!

Nevermind, I changed the "right" position to 420, and it worked fine!!! Thanks!!!

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