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It seems that the themes do not support taxonomies. This is causing problems with a number of plugins, including Events Manager.

Is there any chance this will be added in, or if there is some workaround? You have some really nice themes, but I cannot make use of them without this ability.
Could you clarify your problem? Please, give us the URL of your web site.
The problem is that the templates do not have any code/hooks for taxonomies. Wordpress has supported this since version 2 something and is now really leveraging them. Ask your developers about this. And if they do not know what I am talking about, they should really read up on them. A theme these days without them baked in should be depreciated.
WordPress has three built in taxonomies that you've probably used: Category,Link Category and Tags. All these taxonomies are supported by our themes.
Could you clarify your problem, please.
I have the same problem as asdoiuwe in my website. While it is possible to see the list of categories in the event manager plugin (, I cannot see the description of each one of them.
If I change the theme into any of the default ones (twentyfourteen, twentytwelve etc) the description of the category can be seen normally.

I do not have a big experience on wordpress themes or plugins, but searching a bit online about it led me to believe it's a taxonomy problem.

What do you think?

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