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Hi, I add boarders and some colour to some tables on a site I am designing. "" The template seems to strip these out when pasted in. The site will be updated regularly by member so I need an easy solution to this issue. i.e so they users can just paste from word/excel into wordpress and still have colour and boarders on their tables. Can you help point me in the correct direction. I could not see table styles in style.css

Sorry! Hi, I need to add borders and... (bad typing!)

Could you clarify how you try adding borders and changing colors. Are you using some special plugins for this or not?
The users are just coping and pasting their tables from word/excel. We have tried using "Easy Table" plugin but it is a bit complicated for the admin people who are constantly updating the tables. I was just hope I could amend the Style Sheet and they can paste in. If you know of an alternative solution that would be great. Paul

Our themes doesn't provide any special capabilities to add tables. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to recommend you any plugins.

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