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I've read the forum and I know it states to contact the support email regarding activation problems. I sent them an email yesterday after getting the following error:

Activation Error.
Error code - #5123: You are using theme xA@n�9����egM��U���Mu�s�82l��>��^�žc�QE�M�8K{'�W0)�K�$�K_�A���1q訌=�l~�P�A]S��@��=���E����H��i����, but trying to activate it with key for different theme (Sport).

If you are sure that is not the problem, please contact with us via to fix it

I've email support yesterday and want to know what the ETA to replying is? I know the error is stating that I am using a different theme for the activation code but I purchased it through the website for this theme.


Sorry to keep you waiting so long to answer your message. Please, check up your mail box - we've just replied to you.
Estimados amigos. He comprado el theme
SportBike WordPress Theme e introduzco el código de activación que es 5790-6056-3348-5696, me pide el acceso FTP de mi servidor y se queda el mismo fijo, pero poco después, al cambiar de opción en el panel de control de wordpress desaparece, impidiéndome, cambiar el footer.php y los enlaces de promoción. Al modificar footer.php, me aparece un aviso de color rojo que me impide cambiarlo o modificar el contenido del mismo. Adjunto detalle de la compra debajo de estas lineas. Ruego me respondan lo antes posible

Order Number : 205490690681 ( )

Contents of your purchase :
Vendor Product ID : 3006
Product Name : SportBike WordPress Theme
Quantity : 1

Total : 29.00 ( USD )

Billing Information
Pablo Sánchez Company
IP: IP Location: Valencia ( Spain )
C/ Maestro Cristobal Leon 13
C/ Maestro Cristobal Leon 13
Valencia, V 46016
Spain ( ESP )

Thank you for your business.

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Please, check up your mail box - we've just replied to you.

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