Submenu and Google Maps Marker not displaying

Latest Reply from Grace at 2016-05-12 05:12:06
I have been running this website for a couple of years. But with the latest update of something, my submenus and google maps markers are not displaying.

I am getting the following message on J-Console:

TypeError: jQuery(...).live is not a function
dpagination.js line 1 > eval:1:860
TypeError: jQuery(...).live is not a function
YT API init ytprefs.min.js:6:240
YT API ready ytprefs.min.js:6:240
Setting up YT API events: fitvid556496 ytprefs.min.js:6:240
Setting up YT API events: fitvid556496 ytprefs.min.js:6:240
"Google Maps API warning: NoApiKeys" util.js:220:12
"Google Maps API warning: SensorNotRequired" util.js:220:12

I have a large number of sub menus and a large number of maps and markers.

Any help will be appreciated.

Could you give me the URL of your website, please.
URL is

I visited your website, the google maps markers on your website are displayed correctly, for example, on the villas/townhomes page.

But the problem with the submenus does exist. I checked our theme, it works correctly. Probably, this is caused by the work of your third-party plugins and scripts. Please, try to disable your plugins and scripts one by one to detect the problem.
It is a problem which occurs with the WP Google Maps plug-in. But I received the following response from them when they checked into it:

"There are some other JS issues with your theme. Your theme still makes use of ".live" functionality in jQuery which has been deprecated for quite some time. I'm trying to resolve this for you now.

Looking into this further it appears the theme has obfuscated their JS files and I cannot make this change.
Please can you get in touch with your theme developers and request that they update their ".live" calls to rather use jQuery('body').on('click','.class',function() { /* code here */ });"

Thanks for your help.


I checked the WP Google Maps plugin with this theme, the basic google maps markers are displayed correctly and the advanced markers are only available in the Pro Version of the plugin. Could you clarify what version of the plugin you use on your website, please?
WP Google Maps Version 6.3.10
WP Google Maps - Pro Add-on Version 5.69

I deactivated the Pro Add-on because when I activate that now, maps are not displayed at all. I am trying to keep the website at least somewhat usable until I get the problem resolved. I can activate it again if you need me to.

Thanks for your help.

Unfortunately, the theme is incompatible with Pro version of the WP Google Maps plugin.

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