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Latest Reply from Nikolay Vasyukov at 2013-09-28 03:15:14 Solution

We just installed your theme-stylish on your site. It was so perfect that we thought we were going to write a full review of this theme once up and running properly. Anyways, the problem is, the drop down menu is not working :( We have tried different PCs, Mac, different browsers; we had tried modifying the resolution in library.php file too. And all these without any third party plug-in activated. We had de-activated everything. please help us! we really like this a lot!!

Our Site:

Also, the slider is showing only the first image.
We should mention here that we have tried reinstalling the theme after clearing cache, but it's still not working. It's only working in live preview mode, when activated the previous settings are still there and hence no dropdown and slider.

Probably, this is caused by your "lb_looks_widget". It loads jquery twice. Besides, our version of jquery is newer.
Hi Shomi,

I am having the same problem with drop down menus. Did you figure out this problem , if yes share here to solve mine problem too.

And Alice did you had any idea to solve this problem.

Thanks in advance

Same with HomeDecore. Drop down menus does not work.

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