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This might be asking too much, but I am running FootballNet and I love it, ready to purchase it if we can get this figured out. I have looked at the CSS script and see where the format changes depending on screen resolution, and I have found where you take the IF statement out of the top.php file.

My issue is that as soon as the screen goes lower than 1000px, it automatically drops the slider and the menus don't display correctly (I have removed the script for switching to tablet and mobile viewing). I have resized the slide to a width of 799 (most screen resolutions wont go below 800. But even then, the slider drops once I get below 1000px. Is there any way to have the them become static at 800px width? SO that even if the screen resolution goes below that, the end user will just have to scroll left to right? That way the slider remains and the menu bar stops trying to re-size. plus then I have a known minimum width of my content area.

Again, I don't know if that is asking for too much, and my real solution is just to try a different theme. Thank you in advance.
You have to edit code in the file inc/library.php too. You can find instructions on this page
perfect, that worked just like I wanted, will be purchasing this theme for sure
It's not working for me... I need the menu to remain intact, and when I resize the Window or I change resolution to 1024 it just becomes Messy...

I've tried everything, Changin CSS rules, commenthing those lines you mentioned above, but thing seem to work :( please, help me so I can use this theme for a big project

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