Spacing proplem query with Stylish 20

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I have two small problems with Stylish 2.0

Its a great theme, but I wondered if someone can help me sort this out.

Its to do with the spacing.

1, I would like a "shallower" space between the top main logo in the middle, and the top of the slider box/border. Currently this is a little too large. Is this set in the top or header php file?

2, I also have a simular problem but its quite complex to explain. Basically the very first "post" thats nearest the top of the home page in the middle, has a date stamp, with a red circle. The problem is the top of the circle is cut off because its near top edge. Is it possible to put a larger space in between the bottom of the slider border and the post?

I have screen shots which would help explain, but dont seem to have the option here.

Thanks in advance...

To add to the above, this is where the theme is set to 3 columns..

Well, ive found a solution to one of my two problems.

If your like me and changed the background image on this theme "stylish 2.0" you may find you have a gap between your site logo and the slider menu.

To change the gap between the slider box and the top of the main page you need to edit the file style.css which is in the root of the folder wp-content/themes/stylish ( not in wp-content/themes/stylish/css ).

The line you need to edit is line 357 and change "height:143px;" to what you want. ( change the 143 to a lower gap, in my case, I changed it from 143 to 93 ).

I hope this helps some others.

What I yet cannot figure out is how to solve the date images, from being cropped for the middle column posts. ( see above image .)

If anyone can help me with that I would appreciate it. Im sure its just a spacing issue.

To fix the issue you have to replace the following code in the file style.css:
.articles .post-caption{
background:url(images/post-caption.png) left top;
margin-bottom: 15px;

.articles .post-caption{
background:url(images/post-caption.png) left top;
margin-top: 24px;
I did the part where you said to replace in the style.css but it is still nt working for me.....
please help

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