Some questions related to the theme CookingBook

Latest Reply from Wieslaw at 2022-11-13 09:56:54
I have some questions related to the theme "CookingBook."

I replaced the “5 stars Cookingbook logo” by my own picture-logo but it is not centered in the frame (too high and too far left). I guess I have to make some change the "style.css" file. Could you tell me which statement handles the positioning of the logo?

How to remove Frame “Page sample” ( "Home Page Layout" in the demo)?

How to suppress the display of RSS lines in the sidebar on the right?

Thanks in advance for your answers.


Please, give us the URL of your website.
I'm having trouble displaying the map on
Instead of a map there is a beige background.
The map was displaying correctly before.
Please help.

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