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Latest Reply from devotionstudio at 2016-02-02 05:14:03
Hi, my site takes an age to load between pages. I've tried deleting all the plugins, adding a cache plugin and compressing all the images but everytime I clear Chrome and reload, it just takes so long. It maybe the server? I'm going to move it off this to a different hosting company but I don't want to do this if its not going to work. The client loves the site but I just need to fix this. If I can't I could lose my client and I really don't want to do that. Can you give any advise? Thanks Paul

Sorry to keep you waiting so long to answer your message. Have you solved the problem? I can't find this issue. It loads fast enough. Perhaps, your internet connection is slow or your server is located really far from your location.
Yes it seems to be working fast now. I think the caching plugin has kicked in! Thanks for getting back.


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