Slider Problems and Drop Down Menus

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I am very new to all this, but I found the DiabloFun template and loved it.

After installing it, and setting up my website the way I want it, I noticed that two things do not work for me.

1) Drop down menu from the top and main menus does not drop down.

2) Slider does not slide.

If I could get any assistance I would greatly appreciate it.


Most common reason is jQuery conflict between template, and one of your plugins. Try to disable plugins one by one to find the problem one.
about drop down menu, i found that drop down menu has broken in new updates. the old DialboFun / Library.php is fix, but new Library.php is not fix.

about slider absolutely, the problem is in your JQueries. you should find the problem manually or re-install the theme again dude.
looking for changes in Old Library.php and new Library.php and i found the problem !!!

Yup! nothing changed except this JQuery code:
-> Line(259)
if ( jQuery(document).width() > 1023 ) jQuery(function(){ 

i learned JQuery before, so as i understood this code, it load all the function only when your resolution's width > 1023.

if you are not agree with me, try it ->
zoom out with your browser ( my resolution is 1024x768, with Firefox i zoom out 4 or 5 times just for test ), now refresh the page for reloading your java scripts, now test the Drop down menu.

so change it to -> 639
it should looks like this after change:
if ( jQuery(document).width() > 639 ) jQuery(function(){ 

so please do not change anything at all. it may break your site and make it to stop from working.

really really love this theme. Cheers for Smthemes for this theme :D

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