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Latest Reply from Anton Zadnepryannyy at 2017-09-01 11:39:37
Hi there!

Site name is
Recently I have updated my slider images. After that i have noticed that now slided images are shown above top menu and covering a part of the main logo. Please, advise what to do with the code..
After that I tried to disable mobile view according to your instructions on the forum. One of the manupulation did spoil the top menu alignment so I went back. But on other my site ( I can't see any slider on mobile devices after disabling the mobile view.
Please, advise on that as well.


Please, find the code:
#secondarymenu-container {

inside the style.css file and replace it with:

#secondarymenu-container {

This help you show menu over the slides.
Could you clarify the second question, please? As I can see your website looks good in the mobile view and the desktop view is enabled as well. I don't find wrong alignment.
Thanks! That has fixed the 1st problem!
About the second one, please load site on mobile phone and you sould see picture like this:

No slider pictures and a slider background is not alligned. Just like all the header I guess.
Unfortunately, we don't provide any services for editing themes for individual users. You would better roll back your changes to the theme and try again. It it impossible now to find which step you did wrong.
Ok, thanks.

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